Saturday, June 8, 2013

How you can Fresh paint Laminate Counter tops - 4 Simple Steps

We're frequently requested how you can fresh paint a current laminate counter top, and when it's even possible. Yes, you are able to fresh paint counter tops, but you have to prepare the counter top surface carefully in advance with special primer. Here's how.

(1) Clean the counter top with a few ammonia-based cleaner or some warm ammonia diluted with water. Have it as clean as you possibly can, getting rid of all grime and muck. Once the surface is dry, you may decide to put strips of low-tack painter's tape on any trim round the counter top.

(2) The next thing is to prime the counter top surface having a connecting primer, this can make certain the fresh paint will stay with a non-porous surface. Good quality connecting primers are XIM 400, Sherwin-Williams PrepRite®, or Zinssers Bin. Stick to the primer producers instructions intend on permitting the primer to create for around 24 hrs before painting. The odor could be strong, so consider opening home windows and shutting the area removed from the relaxation of the home when utilizing these items.

(3) Once the primer is dry, you're ready to fresh paint your best new color fresh paint towards the existing laminate counter top. Nothing changes a kitchen's look quite as almost as much ast counter top finishes, so make certain you've matched up samples for your existing colors - home appliances, walls, flooring and all sorts of. If you are using your laminate counter tops to organize food on, use water fresh paint the harmful chemicals in oil based offers may leech to your food, which isn't a positive thing. Apply 2 to 3 thin layers of fresh paint, allowing them to dry in between each coating. If you want, and therefore are feeling creative, you are able to stencil-fresh paint some patterned edges in your laminate counter tops new base fresh paint too at this time.

(4) The ultimate step would be to seal the fresh paint. Three jackets of satin or high-gloss non-yellowing memory provides you with maximum sturdiness. I favor water-based sealer it won't alter the look of your paint's colors if this dries. Permit the sealer to dry 24 several hours. You may have to buy take-out dinners for a few days, but it will likely be worthwhile if you notice your fabulous new colored laminate counter tops inside your kitchen.

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