Sunday, June 2, 2013

Designing Your Kitchen Area Having A 1940's Retro Theme

Nowadays kitchen décor is available in every color, dimensions and eras. One fun method to decorate your kitchen area is by using a little of 1940's nostalgia. Colored cabinets, glass knobs, and vintage linens coupled with new home appliances which have an old-fashioned look can provide you with a distinctive and functional kitchen.

You can aquire a great 1940's look without investing a lot of money but still have the ability to fill your kitchen area with a few nice memorabilia. Here's ideas on ways you can get a 1940's try looking in your kitchen area.


Some popular colors out of this era include jadeite along with a red-colored and whitened theme. You'll find lots of vintage accents to fill your kitchen area for both of these palettes. Why don't you start an accumulation of jadeite that you could display in open cabinets in addition to use for dishware? You are able to jazz the area track of vintage wooden handle devices which are colored jadite and cream. If you are planning for that red-colored and whitened theme, you will find lots of red-colored vintage kitchen ware devices available and vintage linens can definitely improve the area. An additional advantage from the red-colored and whitened theme is that you could include inside a fruit theme on the top from it like apples or bananas.

I'd leave the walls a neutral color - whitened of off whitened to ensure that it doesn't detract all
your great add-ons. Linoleum flooring inside a checkerboard pattern could be perfect.
Some color matched throw area rugs can also add a little of color towards the floor and pull it altogether.


Simple lights are best. You can purchase vintage ceiling lights and wall sconces if you prefer a
really authentic look. Obviously you will want to make certain you've enough task
lighting so some modern lights must be labored in; I suggest you are making them as subtle as you possibly can so that they don't look unnatural.


Use vintage curtains for the home windows. You can purchase all of them with complimentary colors and great designs.
If you cannot find curtains have from vintage dish towels or table linens - you can purchase table linens which have stains in 1 area pretty inexpensively after which only use the great position for the curtains! If you are planning having a red-colored and whitened 1940's kitchen designing theme, you might like to pick either cherries or apples like a secondary theme and search for curtains with individuals fruits within the motif.


Glass knobs will truly perk up your furniture and cabinets and add a geniune vintage look. For those who have colored cabinets either in whitened or cream, try the eco-friendly glass knobs. Your table and chairs should be either a chrome vintage style dinette (you can purchase these new and you may get vintage ones too), or perhaps a vintage wooden style table with enamel top. If you cannot find either of those, you can purchase any kind table and conceal it having a vintage tablecloth.


Add-ons for 1940's style kitchen areas are available in antique malls in addition to bought completely new.
Soften in the room by hanging vintage table linens and tea towels around. Chrome home appliances match this look just like the retro style home appliances you can purchase completely new nowadays. Also keep in mind the vintage
breadbox and storage containers - every kitchen had them around the counter and you may select from chrome
or enamel in cream and eco-friendly, or red-colored and whitened to accomplish your thing.

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