Friday, May 17, 2013

Hy-dit Sanitary Toilet Plunger Storage from Hy-dit

Hy-dit Sanitary Toilet Plunger Storage
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We Want You to Consider Our Hy-dit Sanitary Toilet Plunger Storage We Know You Are Going To Enjoy It

In the last number of years since modern technology has been evolving quickly and we have proceeded to work very hard to keep at the front, we're positive that you will you will discover the most modern Hy-dit Sanitary Toilet Plunger Storage is as ground breaking as you're going to find. We have been working very hard to come up with a awesome product that not only does the actions you purchased it for, but will significantly surpass your expectations.

Our Hy-dit Sanitary Toilet Plunger Storage is definitely the results of several months of studies and difficult work, at Hy-dit all of us of researchers have put in long hours trying to ensure our most recent product is the result of this energy. Our company is positive that you will definitely discover that each of the functions we've jam-packed into this brand will not only perform all the things you are purchasing this for, it's going to do many things which you did not even thought of.

A lot of people purchase a Hy-dit Sanitary Toilet Plunger Storage for the most simple functions, nonetheless we've found and are fairly sure you will find that once you see everything that our latest make is able to do, you are going to speculate how you actually managed to get by without this. When you're ready to invest in a product that can make your life far easier, we are certain that the latest product does not only fill the bill, it will give you greatest value for your money and provide you numerous years of service.

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Hy-dit Sanitary Toilet Plunger Storage

There's no need to have items like plungers and bowl brushes out in the open where they can be easily seen by guests. The Hy-dit is a sanitary storage cabinet that holds your toilet plunger, bowl brush and other cleaning supplies. The Hy-dit recesses flush into any wall and can be painted or stained to match the wall, woodwork or other cabinets. It comes complete with a plunger, brush and mounting hardware. Easy to install and easy to clean.


  • Attractive way to keep your plunger & bowl brush out-of-sight
  • Saves floor space by putting plunger & bowl brush in your wall
  • Eliminates embarrassing moments for you and your guests
  • Recess mounted cabinet easily installed in a 2 in. x 4 in. studded wall
  • Includes toilet plunger, bowl brush, and mounting hardware

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