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Planning and Plumbing a brand new Bathroom Installation

Bathroom refurbishments, if well planned and allocated, may be one of probably the most rewarding and satisfying DIY projects to attempt and deliver right into a home. A tired, broken or dated bathroom is much like an annoying eyesore: it is a problem that constantly stares you hard also it just will get worse every time you visit.

Improving your bathroom suite or separate cloakroom and toilet doesn't have to be very expensive, or commit you to definitely too expensive credit. I can not stress enough, when undertaking this type of project, keep the investment within budget and do not be enticed by condition from the art mod cons displayed in bathroom center showrooms, and builders' or plumbers' merchants' shows.

The greater you intend, the less possibility of the work heading down the pan!

Methodically write lower a listing of priority bathroom fixtures and substitutes, after which undertake your personal research into what's available and where one can source it to find the best possible cost.

Selecting a brand new Bathroom Suite

Online investigation can source both local builders' retailers and DIY providers along with the nearest plumbers' merchant's depot, or perhaps a specialist supplier from further afield.

Pre-set an overall total budget ceiling to buy and install your brand-new bathroom suite, and make certain to itemise the items you want to secure whether it's a close-combined toilet and cistern, pedestal and hands basin, bath, shower screen, polished brass shower head and riser support, and water and waste piping.

Use the internet at suppliers' websites and methodically take a look at the prices and delivery costs, and individual product specifications. Make sure to check product dimensions, particularly in regions of limited space on the floor just like a bathroom, cloakroom, or bed room en-suite. It's no use purchasing items from different providers when they will not easily fit into the ground layout you plan.

Research is paramount to keeping within budget and never getting enticed or caught up with costly, condition from the art bathroom designs.

Design Styles

Because of so many contemporary and classical bathroom designs to select from, and thus many architectural features to think about in houses today - it's to help keep a balanced view and conduct just as much research online while you feel is essential for the greatest designs and also the cost-effective offers available on the market. Visit show rooms to obtain a concept of how things might look and fresh paint a visible picture for the future of the bathroom. Do not get caught up, remember, you will have limited room.

You will find literally 100s of traditional or contemporary designs to select from and also the decision is a subjective one because it is your home you're improving.

Prioritise Needs

Is that it is a plastic or steel bath you need? Or maybe a free-standing, Victorian roll-top design with clawed ft? Are you currently simply searching to exchange a classic, coloured, plastic bath with a brand new plain whitened design plus taps, washing machines, waste, and side and finish sections? Is the project a significant repairs job where a classic bathroom suite and pipes have to be removed and changed having a stunning new classical design?

Would you intend trading within an eco-friendly, contemporary suite with waterflow and drainage controls to lessen excessive consumption? This really is something worth thinking about if you're on the water meter and have a sizable family. These modern flow controls can help to eliminate water consumption by as much as 80% resulting in health savings in your bills.

Discipline and tight budget controls are answer to making the best choices, in addition to taking professional advice from the trade experts inside your local showrooms.

Planning Your Brand-new Bathroom

It's very smart to attract out a brand new layout and immediately mark your total space on the floor, doors, waste exit point, hands basin, toilet, bidet, bath and shower positions, along with regions of travel for individuals to go into and out freely.

You should also determine that an extractor fan is essential. It may be essential if you are planning to deal with the issue of condensation, particularly in winter. It may be installed in an outdoors wall or window, or with conduit tunnelling into an loft and across for an outdoors wall.


Are you aware it's illegal to set up any electric wall electrical sockets or plug socket software in your bathroom, except a contemporary shaver socket and canopy? Only ceiling light pull cords could be installed inside the bathroom. Ceiling light wall switches could be installed outdoors the restroom doors with an adjacent wall within the hallway or very beginning landing area. All electric fixtures must conform with current I. E. E. wiring rules and building rules. If unsure, consult and commission a professional electrical installer to counsel you on re-wiring or planning any bathroom wiring needs. Always reach least 2 quotes if you plan asking an electrical installer to accomplish the rewiring project, or test the present electricity circuits before planning your extractor fan, or entertainment, lighting and electrical installations.

En-Suite Facilities

Not just will you be thinking about improving your bathroom or cloakroom, but you may even be likely to convert a little bed room or box room right into a new en-suite facility because the children develop.

Again, consideration about budgets, designs and layout plans - (including sketches with standing areas clearly marked) - would be the maxims to becoming successful. Acquisition of fittings and fixtures shouldn't be carried out prior to your plans happen to be thoroughly attracted, examined and approved by everyone.

Getting rid of of waste from an en-suite toilet, shower, bath or hands basin towards the property's soil stack might not continually be possible without setting up a Macerator pump. Even when your brand-new en-suite facilities are now being placed on the other side when the house for an existing soil stack, you'll be able to accomplish cellular phone with the addition of a Macerator pump and 32mm waste exit pipes.

Elimination of a classic Bathroom or Cloakroom Fixtures

Listing the succession of occasions - along with their believed timings - is an extremely smart a part of your bathrooms conversion plans. Getting things completed in the best order could make a big difference. Here's a good example list to think about:

1. Fit stop cocks to pipes from cold water storage tank and warm water cylinder supply.

2. Switch off water supplies. Flush toilet. Switch on all old taps and drain off all water in existing pipes.

3. Remove old bath, toilet, hands basin, pedestal and toilet, including cistern and waste pipes. Ensure you have assistance, particularly if getting rid of huge steel bath. Ensure you will find the appropriate tools like wrenches, energy drill and driver, hacksaw and pipe blades.

4. Begin by getting rid of the bathroom . and cistern tank. Disconnect the cistern downpipe towards the pan first by unscrewing the nut underneath the cistern after which unscrewing the bond in the pan finish. Remove any wall screws and disconnect the cistern. Then take away the pan floor screws and lift the pan from the flooring position.

5. When getting rid of the pan, take care not to damage its soil pipe. Cover the soil pipe exit having a cloth to avoid any debris from engaging in the soil pipe.

6. Look for any damage or repairs necessary for the ground boards or wall plaster after getting rid of the cistern and toilet.

7. Continue by getting rid of the pedestal and hands basin, by disconnecting taps and unscrewing all wall brackets to lift the basin and pedestal. Again look for any subsequent repairs towards the wall or floor.

8. Remove Bath: Remove any side or finish sections. Disconnect cold and hot taps utilizing a wrench. Disconnect waste pipe and water supply pipes. Lift bath with the aid of a helper. Manipulate bath from the bathroom and take away in the building. Look for any harm to existing walls, plaster or floor boards.

9. Now plan the career of recent water supply pipes and then any waste pipes' exit routes towards the soil stack.

10. Remove any remaining old fittings and fixtures like towel rails, toilet roll holders, bathroom cabinets, mirrors etc. Repair any screw holes within the walls while using appropriate plaster filler.

11. Have any electric wiring or ceiling lights examined and take suggestions about their alternative, utilizing a qualified electrical installer.

TRADE TIP: Don't remove any fixtures before you decide to have bought all of the new alternative bathroom fixtures and make sure those are the correct size come with all taps, washing machines, screws, waste pipes and supports are neither chipped, cracked or broken by any means whatsoever and you've got a dependable assistant to assist with any lifting and elimination of old fixtures, and installing your brand-new bathroom suite.

NOTE: Elimination of lead pipes can enable you to get a couple of quid in the local scrap yard, and advertising old bathroom suites on the local RECYCLE/Eco-friendly website will find a grateful new owner instead of dumping your old fixtures right into a local Council landfill tip.

Setting up New Bathroom Fixtures

Read all of the manufacturers' fitting instructions carefully, first and do not start any new installations before you decide to have checked through each component box, and double-checked that the fixtures and screws/piping pieces are incorporated.


1. Connect the special plastic and rubber pan connector towards the exit soil pipe, getting first removed the soil pipe's temporary debris rag cover.

2. Then screw the pan to your bathroom floor while using manufacturer's screws provided, along with their plastic mind covers. Make sure it is situated in the correct level utilizing a spirit level.

3. Squeeze close-combined cistern tank above and fasten water supply, plus water supply towards the pan and also the overflow pipe to the exit pipe.

Always fit an separating valve towards the new water supply pipes for simplifying any maintenance later on.

Bath and Hands Basin

1. Check all components are complete both in product packages, including waste outlet pipes. Stick to the manufacturer's fitting instructions towards the letter.

2. Fit washing machines, taps, overflows and waste pipes first, before setting up the tub and clean basin and pedestal set up.

3. Water supplies towards the hands basin come from 15mm copper pipes and 22mm copper pipes for that bath.

4. Waste water in the hands basin will try to escape into its soil pipe most likely through a U-trap or bottle trap underneath the basin and it is new, 32mm plastic pipework.

5. Waste water in the bath will encounter its soil pipe through new, 40mm push-fit, plastic piping.

6. Make use of the bath's two steel floor supports and adjustable ft beneath its design to produce water output along a appropriate downfall by using a spirit level. Don't guess this critical water downfall.

7. Fitting new maintenance stop valves within the water supply pipes is really a prudent move throughout these upgrade installations.

8. Fit both new bath side and finish panel according to the manufacturer's instructions while using screws provided.

Tiling and ornamental Finishes

Always make sure you are using waterproof wall tile adhesive and grouting when tiling around hands basins, baths, shower enclosures and wet rooms. Use professional plastic spacers when mounting each wall tile. Follow manufacturers' fixing and grouting instructions towards the letter and you'll then acquire a professional finish.

Don't affix wall tiles to a different bathroom floor. Ceramic or cork flooring, or perhaps a vinyl flooring could be suited to achieve a beautiful finish for your bathroom everybody will admire.

Wall and flooring today come in many designs and coatings from slate, to porcelain or perhaps a high glaze finish, as well as in patterned or plain colour ways. Again, classical or contemporary designs are for sale to complement your brand-new bathroom suite or cloakroom.

Make sure to purchase a tile cutter to suit all of the tiles in almost any tight spaces, or around a shower or hands basin, or door frame.


Prior to the new bathroom installation could be categorised as waterproof and finish, you have to seal any gaps between your bath and basin, and then any adjacent wall tiles. Flexible, waterproof plastic sealants are crucial to avoid water dripping and harmful the grouting and plasterwork below your new bathroom or cloakroom walls and flooring.

Furniture and Fixtures

Embellishing your attractive new bathroom or bath with furniture, mirrors or add-ons can offer that ultimate finish, and supply storage for individuals personal effects like towelling, shampoos, shower gels, hair oral sprays, deodorants and shaver systems. Additionally, it's individuals little extra supplies like toilet roll holders, glass shelving and artefacts making it an argument worth delivering.

TRADE TIP: If utilizing a energy drill to create a screw hole right into a glazed wall tile, place a criss-mix strip of hiding tape to the tile first after which mark the precise drill place. Switch the drill to some reduced speed and apply moderate pressure when beginning to drill in to the surface. This can prevent an abrupt slip and harm to your tile surface. Withdraw the drill and boost the speed to offer the finished depth needed.

Affix all bathroom furniture and fixtures just with the manufacturers' screws and wall plugs provided.

Congratulations - you now have the beautiful new bathroom everybody inherited is proud to make use of.

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